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In today’s day and age, it’s no secret that more and more videos are being created and consumed online. People hop onto YouTube to look up everything, from “how to unclog a drain” to “the latest fashion trends of the year” (and just about everything in between). Now, let’s say you want to learn “how to get a 5K PR” but you’ve got dishes to do or laundry to fold. You probably don’t have the time to sit down and read a book, article, or blog post about it, right? Well, that’s when video content can come in really handy. In this post, I’m going to share with you some of my favorite YouTube Running Channels that you can check out (and subscribe to 😉) for educational, inspirational, or helpful running content.

8 Running Channels to Watch on YouTube in 2022

There’s certainly no shortage of channels on the YouTube platform that are running-related. There’s niche content, vlog-style channels, educational videos, and channels that combine all three. With that in mind, I used the following criteria to narrow down the list to the options I think you’ll enjoy the most. A few of these channels consistently come up at the top of the search results for various topics, so you may be familiar with some of them already.

Criteria for Selecting the Best YouTube Running Channels

  • Content is educational, inspirational, or helpful in some way (I stayed away from channels that were mostly in vlog format or that were highly focused on the creator)
  • Great content for beginners (whether it be general beginners or specific to trails)
  • Limited “fluff”; mostly content that you can put into action, starting today
  • Video and sound quality are “decent” enough that you’ll be willing to view more content

Of course, this is still somewhat subjective, so please do keep that in mind. 😉

Without further ado (and in no particular order), here are my top picks…

The 8 Best Running Channels to Watch in 2022

1. The Running Channel

The Running Channel

The Running Channel has been publishing content on YouTube since 2018 and they continue to put out helpful videos three days a week. From beginner tips to gear reviews, to the most beautiful places to run in the world – and everything in between – this UK-based channel will educate and inspire you.

From the creators: “Our mission is to bring great videos to those who love to run, no matter your ability or experience. One thing brings us together and that is the passion for the joy of running.” If you spend any amount of time watching videos from The Running Channel, you’ll see their mission shine through.

Website: https://therunningchannel.com/

Episode to Watch: Stuck in a Rut? Do These 3 Types of Runs!

2. The Run Experience

Running Channels on You Tube - The Run Experience

With over 1000 uploads, The Run Experience features educational videos that cover many beginner questions, as well as a variety of other topics, including injury prevention and management, strength training and cross-training for runners, trail and ultra running, nutrition for runners, and much more.

If you’ve ever searched YouTube for the answer to some kind of running-related question, you’ve likely seen this channel come up in the search results.

The Run Experience is based in Northern California and they also have a mobile app called The Daily Run, which you can learn more about on their website.

Website: The Run Experience

Episode to Watch: When Should I Run at Race Pace?


VIVSVIBE YouTube Running Channel

Vivian Camille is a trail and ultra runner who shares her training experiences and advice as she travels around the US as a flight attendant. Her focus is geared towards the Trail & Ultrarunning community and she features some beautiful trail running locations, along with some of the iconic Ultra race courses in the western US.  I found her “Ultrarunning Training” playlist helpful when I was preparing to run my first 50K.

If Vivian’s cute and quirky personality doesn’t inspire you to get on the trails, be sure to check out 10 Reasons to Try Trail Running. 😉

Episode to Watch: Heat Training For Runners | How to Run in Summer Heat to be a More Efficient Runner

4. James Dunne

YouTube Running Channel James Dunne

James is a UK-based runner, coach and sports rehab therapist who has been publishing educational running content on YouTube for over 11 years (but he’s been working with runners for even longer)!

Seriously – just about any running question you have, you can find an answer to on James’ channel. He covers a wide variety of runner-specific topics including (but certainly not limited to):

  • Strength training for runners
  • Injury prevention for runners
  • Tips on running technique
  • How to start running for beginners
  • Marathon training tips
  • Running nutrition tips

Episode to Watch: Powerful techniques ELITE runners use to run faster

5. The Runners Physio

The Runners Physio YouTube Channel

Alina is an Australian-based physiotherapist and strength & conditioning specialist.  Her channel focuses mostly on bodyweight strengthening exercises geared towards runners.  She’s recently added some pregnancy-related physiotherapy and running content as well.

Website: The Runners Physio 

Episode to Watch: Glute Strength Test For Runners | Identify Your Glute Imbalance

6. Billy Yang

YouTube Running Channel Billy Yang focus on Ultra community

If you’re looking for inspiration for your next big running adventure or you want to watch something running-related on a Friday night, you’ve got to check out Billy Yang’s channel. Billy isn’t just a YouTuber. He’s a filmmaker. If you watch any of his films, you’ll see what I mean.

His inspirational content is primarily focused on the Ultrarunning community, but don’t let that stop you from checking out his videos which, at the time of this writing, have been viewed well over 14 million times. This channel falls outside of some of my above-listed criteria, but I had to include it because of its high-quality video and inspirational nature. Billy also has a podcast in which he interviews some of the most prolific and rising athletes in the endurance community.

Website: Billy Yang Films

Episode to Watch: Western Time | a Western States 100 Film

7. Run to the Finish

Run to the Finish YouTube Channel Amanda Brooks

RunToTheFinish is the perfect complement to veteran runner and coach Amanda Brooks’ blog of the same name (which has been around since 2007!). Her blog is one of my favorite go-tos for easily-digestible running advice and gear reviews, and you’ll find her YouTube channel offers the same great content in video format. According to Amanda, RunToTheFinish is “a place for the middle of the pack to come to find support, encouragement, and well-researched running tips.” Yep.

Website: Run to the Finish

Episode to Watch: How to Run Longer: Increasing Endurance as a New Runner

8. StrengthRunning

StrengthRunning with Coach Jason Fitzgerald YouTube Running Channel

Jason Fitzgerald has been running competitively since 1998 and started working with runners as a USA Track & Field certified coach through his blog, Strength Running, in 2010. His YouTube channel started shortly afterward and is filled with videos that teach you “how to become a faster, stronger, injury-free runner” (Jason’s words). His content is straightforward, educational, and helpful. Coach Jason also hosts a podcast which features interviews with leading experts in the running & fitness industry.

Website: Strength Running

Episode to Watch: 10k Training Fundamentals: How to Prepare for 6.2 Miles

What do you think are the best YouTube Running Channels?

Well, there you have it – 8 YouTube accounts you can look to for running advice, tips & tricks, and inspiration.

Which one is your favorite? I’d love to know! Or, if I’ve missed any great running channels, I’d like to hear about those as well. Please share with us in the comments below!👇🏻

YouTube Channels for Runners to Watch in 2022

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